Design Your Calendar & NFT Calendar in Few Minutes

Custom Calendar Maker for your needs!

Create completely custom calendars for yourself. Use Appy Pie’s Calendar maker to make your own calendars. Choose from 100+ existing templates and create custom calendars with our free calendar creator. Appy Pie Custom Calendar Maker will help you choose, edit, and design your own calendar!

An interface made for everyone

Appy Pie Calendar Maker’s unique and intuitive interface helps you design stunning customized calendars that you can create for your personal or business needs. From event and festival-specific calendars to photographic calendars, create the calendars you want with Appy Pie’s Online Calendar Maker. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced designer. Our template-based calendar creator is meant for everybody.

Exquisite templates that create truly custom designs

Imagine a template where you can edit everything. That is what Appy Pie Calendar Maker does for you! With its special and simple interface, Calendar maker allows you to make your own calendars by giving you a starting point in the form of a template. Once you have that, use the plethora of tools available to create your custom calendar designs.

How to make your own calendar with Appy Pie's Calendar Maker?

  • Choose a template: Choose a calendar template that closely matches the design you want to create. Appy Pie provides over 100 templates and makes it easy to find a suitable template for your needs. Each template is completely customizable, and you can even change it if you are not satisfied with it.
  • Customize your calendar: Customize each month of the calendar according to your needs with the various tools that Appy Pie provides. Calendar maker comes with various editing and designing tools such as crop, color, font, etc. Whatever you want to do, Appy Pie’s Calendar maker will have a tool for it.
  • Download and start using: Once you are satisfied with the design you have created, simply download your calendar in the format you want (.JPG, .PNG, .SVG) and start using it. You can even print and hang it on your wall. Create your own calendar today!

Why Appy Pie’s Free Online Calendar Maker is the perfect choice for you?

  • Simple interface: Every single tool within Appy Pie Calendar is within a click’s reach. With its extremely intuitive interface, creating custom calendars is easier than ever. Appy Pie provides an interface that even beginners to designing will appreciate.
  • Free to use: You just need to log in to Appy Pie, and you can start creating right away. Create your stunning calendar design free of cost with Appy Pie! Appy Pie doesn’t lock any features either. Utilize the complete capabilities of Calendar Maker and create your own online calendar.
  • No Watermarks: Nobody likes ugly watermarks! Appy Pie has no hideous watermarks. Your calendar is yours to keep. Create and use your calendar as it fits your needs.
  • Privacy: Appy Pie keeps no record and doesn’t track what you do within the tool. You have complete privacy when designing your calendars, and you can delete all your data as and when you need.
  • Work with teams: If you want help designing your calendar, add your teams to your projects and create the calendar needed.