Design Your Linkedin Ads & NFT Linkedin Ads in a few Minutes

Create gripping LinkedIn Video Ads with Appy Pie’s custom LinkedIn Ad Maker

LinkedIn Ads deliver a lot of value and drive measurable results for advertisers and their businesses. In addition, LinkedIn ads are a quick and easy way to drive traffic to your website and grow your email list. Let people know about your upcoming events, workshops, or webinar when they are on their LinkedIn platform on adding impactful LinkedIn Banner Ads.

Appy Pie's LinkedIn Ads Maker enables you to create compelling videos ads for your business to promote your products, services, and offerings on LinkedIn. We have packed LinkedIn Ads Maker with features that enable you to create professional-looking video ads for your business that will generate effective leads and convert them into sales.

Advantages of choosing LinkedIn Video Ad Templates with Appy Pie design

A huge advantage of using Appy Pie's LinkedIn Video Ad templates is that you can easily create video ads within a few minutes. There is no need to learn any coding skills or hire a professional to help you with your LinkedIn video ad. You can easily use our templates for your LinkedIn ads, and the best part is that you can make unlimited changes to them as per your requirement. If you want to make a video ad for your new product or service, you can use our templates as a base and make the necessary changes as per your requirement. If you want to advertise your business on LinkedIn, you can use our templates for your video ads.

  • Our custom LinkedIn Banner Ad templates are completely free for both commercial and personal use.
  • You can easily customize the template as you can apply your own brand colors, logo & images to make it unique.
  • All layers are well organized in folders, making it very easy to edit them.
  • You can easily create a video ad for your business or product within a few minutes without any help from a video designer.
  • You can create a custom LinkedIn ad with the help of our templates and use it on your LinkedIn page and on other social media platforms as well.
  • You can create video ads of different formats such as portrait, landscape, and square.

How to create an impactful LinkedIn video Ad with our Linkedin Ads Maker?

LinkedIn is a very professional social media platform and is a great place to build a brand. It is not the place to be overly personal, so keep your language formal and try to avoid slang. Keep it to three sentences maximum. This will help you to get the most out of it. Follow these simple steps to create your own personalized LinkedIn Video Ad with our free LinkedIn Ad templates:

  1. Choose a Template:
  2. Start with selecting a professional LinkedIn Ad Template.

  3. Add Images to Banner Ads:
  4. We have a library of images of HD quality which you can start adding to the selected template to increase the banner ad’s value.

  5. Customize your LinkedIn video Ad:
  6. Appy Pie’s custom LinkedIn Video Ad Creator provides additional elements to enhance your LinkedIn Ads like filters, stickers, colors, fonts, texts, and more. Start using them to increase the likes and engagements for your LinkedIn Ads.

  7. Save and Share your LinkedIn Ad:
  8. Save your customized LinkedIn Banner ad directly from Appy Pie Design account. Now share your video on LinkedIn to grab attention and increase traffic to your website with the help of Appy Pie’s customized LinkedIn Video Ads.

Important Note: Linkedin ads have a maximum duration of 15 seconds. So, if you have a long video, you can choose to split it into two ads – one that is 15 seconds long and the other that is between 15-30 seconds long. You can then upload both ads to your LinkedIn Ads Manager account.